New York Entrepreneur Jelani Wray

About Jelani Wray

A leader in music production, management, and A&R, Jelani “Lani” Wray is associated with Humble King Records, a Brooklyn-based music production label. At the company, he handles a range of responsibilities, including scouting and the artistic and commercial development of the recording artist. He also acts as a liaison between the artist and the record label negotiating artist deals, working with DJ radio teams for radio support, and supporting new music releases. Beyond that, Jelani Wray also guides online growth, overseeing the recording process, and assisting with marketing and promotion.

Prior to Humble King Records, Lani Wray spent six years working for Free Form Productions, another music production label. Working primarily as the director of A&R at the company, he identified new talent for the label and oversaw daily operations at the company. This role granted him extensive experience in building a successful record label and fulfilling artists' needs. He was able to upstream talent to the major recording label Atlantic Records.

Beyond his work in the music industry, Mr. Wray owns Wray’s Caribbean and Seafood Cuisine, a restaurant in Brooklyn that he opened in 2014. As the owner, he handles everything from coordinating staff and observing food preparation to allocating resources and administering payroll. Beyond that, he ensures customers are satisfied and oversees the restaurant’s food safety regulations.